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La Campagne Bakery established itself north of Milwaukee in 1992. From the start, and prior to all-natural trends, we were committed to offering our customers products made from the finest all natural ingredients. Because some of our recipes, ingredients (e.g., levain, our original bread starter brought over from France) and techniques were obtained from studying in France, we chose La Campagne as our name; La Campagne is French for the country or countryside.

La Campagne is an authentic all-natural bakery. By this we mean that we value all-natural and fresh products. We always have been dedicated to using quality natural ingredients in our products. Despite avoiding preservatives and other additives, we still value freshness. We do not use any fruit juice or other oils, which is a common practice to create a longer shelf life. However, we would rather spend the time to rotate our fresh products more frequently, rather than sacrificing our dedication to natural, fresh products.

Our bakery is continuing to grow. Although we are a wholesale only bakery, our website now allows us to ship out fresh products to individual customers via Priority Mail. Aside from wholesale and online orders, we also have tremendous success with corporate gifts. If interested in this service please submit an entry on the contact us section of our website.

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